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Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)


Swiss 12 Players


● Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first instalment of The Rainbow Cup

● The Tournament is open to South Africans of all skill levels who are members of the Age of Empires ZA Discord community who’d like a chance to show that they’re the top South African player

● If this is your first time participating in an Age of Empires 2 tournament please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have. However if you are familiar with settings used in most community tournaments this guide should suffice

● Although this is a competitive tournament, the ultimate goal of The Rainbow Cup is to grow the local Age of Empires 2 scene and introduce players to other locals to play with or against


● Total Prize Pool: R2000
○ agentoverton – R1250
○ NeCrOn – R500
○ adorerofblood – R250

● If anyone would like to donate to the Prize Pool (or if you know anyone that would like to donate that doesn’t have access to this guide), please contact NeCrOn directly for details.

● The final prize pool will be divided between the top-4 finishers. The breakdown will be: 1st = 60%, 2nd = 20% and 3rd/4th=10% each