Age of Empires ZA

Home of the South African Age of Empires Community

The Age of Empires Competitive scene is ever increasing
with your help the ZA
scene can thrive

Our Mission

To allow everyone to enjoy and enter the Esports Scene of Age Of Empires. 

We aim to increase the awareness of the abundant gaming community that Age of Empires has , and we are looking to create and develop this community and platform in South-Africa. 

Our Goal

Our Goal is to develop a platform where any and all ZA Age of Empires players can come to , pick up players and make friends.

This will allow you to play Age of Empires like never before and possibly enter the Esports Scene.


We are looking into hosting ever growing Tournaments exclusively to za players to not only enjoy the game , improve in skill but also to in the future be able to be recognized as a scene worldwide.

Top Players in ZA

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